2-APR-2020 4/5 I understand so much more about different healthcare systems.

Rating: 4/5

Summary: This was a really cool book! The author actually traveled and lived in the different countries with their healthcare systems that he explains. I feel like I understand the US system a lot better when I can put into perspective the rest of the worlds unique systems. There are some surprising places to get the best healthcare.

Finished On: 2-APR-2020



Book Recommendations


29-MAR-2020 3/5 Pretty biased, and it’s anti-vegetarian, but I like a lot of the recommendations.

Rating: 3/5

Summary: I thought this was pro vegetarian but it’s not. Turns out this is the book you would give to your son/daughter/friend who is starting to become vegan or vegetarian in order to convince them not too. So, naturally, it’s a pretty biased book. I think there was still some good info in there and regardless I still got to experience a different perspective. Still not going vegan anytime soon.

Finished On: 29-MAR-2020



Book Recommendations


22-MAR-2020 3/5 Mahan is a novel dude, kind of predictable but still cool.

Rating: 3/5

Summary: I’m constantly impressed with Vasily’s ability to control the flow of this story. There is always enough interesting things going on but he still manages to find a way to keep Mahan grounded. I’m excited to find out what happens next!

Finished On: 22-MAR-2020



Book Recommendations


11-MAR-2020 3/5 More is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Rating: 3/5

Summary: In this book there are a lot of stories about people getting too much treatment from the US healthcare system. There are a lot of good examples of inefficiencies. I think a good amount of them are out dated examples because we’ve gotten better, and I also don’t think inefficiencies are the problem. I think the problem is with the structure of the system.

Finished On: 11-MAR-2020



Book Recommendations


25-FEB-2020 2/5 Good, but a lot is forgettable.

Rating: 2/5

Summary: This is a good book. I’d almost recommend it. If it’s ratio of worthwhile content to fluffy content was substantially higher I would. Meaning in life is still super important though. Meaning is not happiness, we can live without pleasure but not without meaning. That’s the main thesis of the book.

Finished On: 25-FEB-2020



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17-FEB-2020 4/5 Whoa. Kind of a lot for me right now.

Rating: 4/5

Summary: I wouldn’t recommend this to just anyone. I don’t know what someone was thinking recommending this to me. Definitely wasn’t ready. Kind of a lot. Meant for people that are not single if you know what I mean, and probably meant more for females.

Finished On: 17-FEB-2020



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Myron comes across a little too grandiose and full of himself. Too much sauce, not enough meat.

Rating: 1/5

Summary: Probably some good recipes in this book although I didn’t actually try any. I think Myron tried too hard to create credibility and it came across as a little inauthentic to me. I want to try the banana pudding though.

Finished On: 7-FEB-2020



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