Sandy Memorial

This is how I made the best dog ever’s memorial plaque.

I started with this picture taken 11/24/16.

Then started editing, first with the iphone photo editor.

Then with Adobe Photoshop.


Then with Adobe Illustrator.

Then used Corel Draw and an Epilog 150W CO2 laser cutter to burn the image onto a 1/4″ piece of plywood from Home Depot. Then sanded it.

Stained, sealed, added her dog tags.

Custom Snowboard Adirondack Chair

My brother and I started this project one night just for something to do. We had a couple of old boards from Deseret industries nobody used anymore lying around and some old 2×4″ planks.

boards and planks

First, we hashed out a quick diagram.


Then turned the diagram into reality.


Next, mounting the boards was easy.

nelson w bench
Nelson standing with the finished bench.

Our bench survived a year or two but eventually fell apart because the frame was 2 distinct halves. With no cross-member to keep them together it lost a lot of strength and eventually broke.

I decided to make a chair this time, but since the last one fell apart I wanted this one to be very durable.

I built this chair with scrap pallet wood and snowboards from Deseret Industries.




This chair is solid as a rock. It’s kind of heavy but it’s not falling apart any time soon.

Recycled Yard Windmill

I had 2 old bike rims that were going to be thrown away at the bike repair shop I worked at and thought to myself, “These would make a great yard windmill!” I cleaned and repacked the bicycle hubs, added a table saw blade as a fin and mounted it about 8′ high on a 4″x4″ post.

in garage