Homemade Aluminum Foundry

Having a foundry is just an incredibly awesome thing everyone should have. The possibilities are…endless. I have not finished building my final foundry but this is where I started. I followed Grant Thompsons youtube video you can watch here.


This foundry worked great, but it has some flaws. Having a charcoal powered foundry has its limits. It takes quite a bit of stoking and routinely adding more coals to keep the foundry burning at a high temperature. It’s also a little small.


It was pretty cool to melt some aluminum. The first time i lit it up I melted close to a hundred cans. I learned that liquid aluminum is actually corrosive to steel. My crucible was fairly thin and the aluminum dissolved several small holes and then leaked out into the foundry. The next version of the foundry will have a much thicker steel crucible.

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