Custom Snowboard Adirondack Chair

My brother and I started this project one night just for something to do. We had a couple of old boards from Deseret industries nobody used anymore lying around and some old 2×4″ planks.

boards and planks

First, we hashed out a quick diagram.


Then turned the diagram into reality.


Next, mounting the boards was easy.

nelson w bench
Nelson standing with the finished bench.

Our bench survived a year or two but eventually fell apart because the frame was 2 distinct halves. With no cross-member to keep them together it lost a lot of strength and eventually broke.

I decided to make a chair this time, but since the last one fell apart I wanted this one to be very durable.

I built this chair with scrap pallet wood and snowboards from Deseret Industries.




This chair is solid as a rock. It’s kind of heavy but it’s not falling apart any time soon.

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