EX-J Ninja 250 Leather Seat Cover


My particular motorcycle has a black vinyl seat cover covering a foam cushion. Last year the seat cover started to crack from sun damage so I patched it using vinyl from an old 4 wheeler seat we had laying around. After about a year this patch started to come apart and made my bike look sort of trashy since you could see the yellow foam sticking out. Luckily I had just got an old leather welding jacket for free.

leather jacket

So I set about cleaning and  re-conditioning the leather. Then cut it apart and sewed it back into one piece.

photo 1

I pulled and stapled it into place.

photo 4

It looks like a leather horse saddle. I think it looks awesome! Not many other motorcyclists have a seat like mine!

photo 3

photo 4 (1)

photo 2

photo 3 (1)

Update: Leather lasted 2 years outside in the sun & snow. Made conditioner from beeswax and olive oil that helped extend the life and make it water repellant.

Back to new again.

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