My Tony Stark Halloween Costume

Photo(696)Ever wanted to be Iron Man? Want a unique yet super cool Halloween costume?

This is the first version. It is pretty lame. I took apart an old plastic pressure gauge and wired in some LED’s and connected them to three 9V batteries in line with a button switch. Let me explain the disadvantages.

  1. Too bulky. Iron Mans chest light is noticeable but it doesn’t stick out like a snowplow. To give the appearance of it actually being inside your chest the light actually has to be pretty slim.
  2. Too many wires. I wired everything up inefficiently the first time. Carrying around three 9V batteries is overkill, especially because you wear the light like a necklace but then you carry the batteries in your pocket. All the wires is awkward and cumbersome.
  3. Including a button-switch was the wrong move. It was fun for a little while to be able to blink the light on and off with your hand in your pocket but for the light to stay on you had to keep your finger on the button. Kinda lame at parties.

v 1.0

This is the Iron Man chest light 2.0. It’s got a different version of his armor in the vinyl silhouette which I like better. This version solves all the problems that the first version had. It’s slim because I custom made the cylinder from cutting rings out of acrylic. The 9V acts as a stabilizing weight keeping the light in the center of your chest. To turn on the light you push a switch that is next to the battery and it stays on. I also used large LED’s and they produce a light that seems more unified instead of lots of small lights. Overall it cost me about $7.

v 2.0

I’m on the top left, my chest light doesn’t look great in the bright light but in the corn maze at night it was awesome!


2017 Version:

Made w AtTiny85 Dev Board, a Mosfet, and an automotive “halo” light. IMG_0181

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